Manhood - #WillYouShave

I, a guy, with unshaven face,

Feel proud of my beard.

People around me call me Bear.

Sometimes I feel like screaming.

What’s the need of shave?

When God wants you to grow it.

The sign of manhood,

On your face, chest, legs, arms,

Everywhere they grow.

It’s a gift of God, to a true man.

I don’t shave, I will never.

That’s what I thought few days back.

My family and beloved would get annoyed.

My beloved would call me a Bear.

She could not understand,

My concept of Manhood,

Acclaimed by Mustache and Beard.

She would get infuriated,

Would grab my collar and question,

Is this a real ‘Manhhod’?

Just by keeping a long mustache,

Or a beard, or showing off the body hair?

I used to laugh out loud,

Would drag her near to kiss her.

Her milky cheeks used to get bruised.

Enraged and stumped,

She would curse me and leave for home.

But Behold! 

Today I’m clean-shaven,

Not a single hair on face.

No mustache, no beard, No signs of ‘Manhood’.

Cause what happened that night,

 Few days back something happened,

Something that shocked me to depth.

Stepping on the dark streets at night,

 I spotted two girls, who seemed so scared.

I felt they needed help as they seemed strangers.

I went near to them, they screamed. I wished to help, but in vain.

From my ruffled beard and look, they took me as a criminal.

Answering their screams, few people gathered,

Spotted me, in dark night I remained unrecognized.

Beaten so severely, I was hospitalized.

With few stitches and scars, I was resting on hospital bed.

My ladylove with teary eyes approached me,

“Are you happy now?

 See, what your acclaimed Manhood did to you.

This beard and mustache would have ruined you and me.”

Seeing her crying, my eyes wailed up,

With her hand in mine,

I promised her that I will always be a clean-shaven guy.     

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