My Idea of Free Look

Fashion is something that defines a person. Every person has his own concept of fashion. Some keeps themselves updated about latest fashion styles. Some be updated through their fashion ideals. Some love to create their own fashionable looks. Some prefer fashion according to their comforts. In previous times fashion was such a topic that got limited to high society people but with use of multimedia and social sites people have become more fashion conscious. Everyone wishes to be different and have their own free look.

My own concept of free look is very clear. I prefer fashion according to my body type and occasion. Well, in India we also need to add one more filter for free look. It is about the place where you are staying or visiting. Someone might say that occasion and places are two equal filters. But I would say no, it’s not. If you are visiting your relatives than you need to be little bit self-conscious about your clothing style and if you are visiting your friends’ house than you wouldn’t be worrying about the clothing style.

For me free look is get into something that makes you feel comfortable and special. In my wardrobe I have every type of cloth. Whether its sarees, suits, lahengas choli, jeans, tees, shrugs, shorts, skirts or western dresses. As I said one must be ready according to the occasion and environment. I prefer to be in western clothes when I am on a tour but when at relatives I prefer to be in saree or suit. I just love western dresses but for them also I have kept a filter in my mind. I don’t like short, body cone, mini or body fit dresses. I like dresses knee-length or below knee with proper back style and breathing material. Silk is the material I have never liked as I am having average figure and average figure never accepts silk material. May be it might but for me silk is totally no-no-no.

In above collage, one might wonder about my concept of free look but as I said above for me free look means freedom of comfort. Freedom of comfort means if you are wearing mini dress to please your husband but if you are not feeling comfortable in it then you surely gonna look like a disaster. One must go for clothes in which one feels comfortable. One should not blindly follow the fashion sagas. One must go through scanning of their own. Will this color suit me or not? Will I look fat? Will these accessories look heavy or proper according to function and clothing? If I am wearing embroidered saree then I prefer to wear light jewellery. The same thing goes with printed tops, tunics and dresses. If it’s plain then I prefer to wear some heavy accessories according to occasion.

Hope my concept of free look goes well with you, too. You, too might end up thinking like me. Free look for me is freedom of comfort. Freedom of wearing what you like but keeping the occasion and place in mind.   One more thing to remember 'Never wear to please #WearToExpress. 

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