My Sister, My darling.

Sisters are angels sent by God on this earth, who make it possible for us to survive and live happily. I am blessed with brother and sister. My sister is five years elder to me. She is married in Delhi. My brother is 2.5 years younger than me but it’s a different thing that he looks elder then me due to his height. ;) ;) Trio of us have shared special bond since childhood. Though we are departed now due to marriages, we stay in touch using social media.

My sister being eldest among us was little bit sincere but whenever it came naughty acts, blunder and chaotic missions, she would join us. It’s a different thing that whenever mummy caught us, she would wear that ‘good girl’s’ mask and my brother and I would bear mummy’s anger. Later on she would come and give us chocolates and ice-creams to cool our anger.

Being an elder sister, she always had feeling of possessiveness for us. Whenever anyone tried to mess with me or my brother, she would stand like a rock and protect us. I never liked act of kneading dough as the sticky dough on hands made me feel terrible. My mummy would ask me to knead dough as it was necessary for me to learn kitchen related works. I would cry a lot to get freedom from this task but she would be firm. At that time my darling sister would come to my rescue and would take away the task from my hands and would tell mummy,” let it be mummy, she’s a kid.” Though I was studying in 10th then. :P :P There is one more incident which made me believe that whatever may happen, wherever we be in future our relations would be the similar one. I passed exams of 12th standard and went to school with my sister to get hard copy of my mark sheet. Few of my friends asked my percentage and they were totally shocked when I told them my percentage because I was the most mischievous student of my class and that’s why none of them expected me to perform so well in exams. When I was busy in acquiring my mark sheet at that time few of them made rude remarks about me and my results. I was unaware of this fact but my sister heard them as none of them knew them. She lost her temper and started rebuking them. All of them got shocked with this sudden attack. I, too was stunned by this chaos and when I came to know the reality, I hugged my sister tightly and kissed on her cheek and shouted #MySiblingRocks

Today when we are away from each other, I cherish all those moments we spent together. After marriages, we have decided that we would try our best to spend our time at parents’ home together. Those moments would never come back but we would recreate them.


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