Ecotique- crafted naturally. 5 Earth Body and Face Scrub and Face Pack

Well, summer is the season where one needs to pamper skin  that too with calming and soothing products to save it from harming heat and sun-rays. People like me suffering with oily skin face more  issues thanks to oil dripping skin. Every skin needs different skin care routine for every season and in the same way it requires different skincare products.

Recently I received few products from a brand Ecotique- Crafted Naturally that produces premium naturally beauty products. 

So today I will be reviewing 5 Earth Scrub and Face pack from Ecotique.

Product discription for Scrub and Face pack:
Price: 749 for 30 gm.
Suitable on all skin types.

Key ingredients of Scrub : Volcanic Clay, Volcanic sand, Sandalwood powder.

Key Ingredients of Face pack: Volcanic Clay, Geranium Oil, Coriander Seeds oil, Vetiver Oil, Cedar wood Oil, Sea fern Algae active.

Product claims: 
It claims to shrink pores, brightens tones, cools, treats acne and controls sebum.
Scrub description:

Scrub is red earth color and bit coarse powder but its not as harsh as other scrubs. It smells of Earth just as name.

Face Pack description:

Face pack is yellowish in color and is very thin paste but easily applicable.  

Product Review:
The main issue with my skin is its a combination of oily and dry skin. As a result my skin becomes so tough to handle during summers. Washing it again and again makes it dry and not washing it frequently leads to oiliness on skin. But this 5 Earth Scrub has been proven as a blessing to my skin. It not only removes dirt and oil from skin but also nourishes and soothes skin. Even as a scrub it is quite gentle on skin. You can use it directly. No need to mix with milk or water as many Ayurvedic brands. I used it at night times as it is the time i get to take care of my sin thanks to my little toddler. I cleaned my face with cleansing milk and than used scrub. I could see the results from very first use of Scrub. 

After scrubbing my skin with 5 Earth Scrub from Ecotique I applied 5 Earth pack that can be applied on face as well as body. Due to harsh summer and use of constant make up due to functions my skin had become harsh and extremely dry and patchy around chin area. I tried few remedies but nothing could help my skin getting smoother. But thanks to % Earth pack my skin felt so smooth and softer. It made my skin glowing and softer from very first application. Though it claims to benefit skin after two-three applications, I found it working from very first application. 

Before using products I found the prices bit high but after using them I have become biggest fan of these products as I do not need to use other products to enhance and soothe my beauty.

Pros of 5 Earth Body and Face Scrub and Pack:
  • Herbal ingredients
  • not time-consuming
Cons of 5 Earth Body and Face Scrub and Pack :
  • quantity could be bit more for price.
My rating for this 5 Earth face and body Scrub and pack. 5/5.

You can buy this 5 Earth face and Body Scrub and Pack  at below sites.


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