Rajma Tikki

World's shortest horror story?? DIETING.
Yeah, this would be definitely a horror story for a person who's foodie. Who can't pass a single day without tasty and tastebuds teasing food. Just like me. Due to pregnancy, laziness and lifestyle I gained too much weight in past two years. After realizing that I needed to shed many kilos to get back in former shape and for that I joined gym. After joining gym I realized that only exercise would do nothing, i also needed to go on a diet.

Being a foodie it was impossible for me to stay away from yummilicious and tasty food so I decided to give my diet food a tasty twist and here is one of them. Rajma Tikki.

The moment tikki word appears , the crispy, round, soft, loaded with chutneys, curd and onions and tomatoes, garnished with coriander Tikkis start dancing in front of our eyes.

To stop my craving for those tasty but full of unhealthy calories I made this Rajma Tikkis. So here goes the recipe.

Ingredients :
Rajma (kidney beans)- 1 cup
Onions- 1 cup finely chopped
Green chilli and ginger paste- 1/2 tablespoon each
Salt- as per taste
Chat Masala- as per taste.
Olive oil- 2-3 drops per tikki

Soak one cup Rajma overnight and pressure cook them till boiled.
Mash them with masher finely.
Squeeze out juice from chopped onions and add them to mashed Rajmas along with spices and chilli-ginger paste.
Give them shape of tikkis.
Take nonstick tava and put one drop oil and cook Tikkis.
Cover the tikkis with lid on medium flame.
Repeat on other side. Cook till light brownish on both side.
Serve hot with Onion laccha and also a cup of tea if desired.
These tikkis won't be as moist as Aloo tikkis so it's advisable to consume them immediately.
Squeezing out the juice of Onions is necessary or else you won't be able to shape the tikkis.


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