Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer

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In my last posts I talked about brand Herboveda and here I am back with another product from the same brand.

The product that has been like a blessing to me in disguise.  It is Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer.  

First of all let’s discuss a bit about a brand Herboveda.

Herboveda Healthcare is a brand based in Delhi focused on healthcare using totally natural products. The brand was kind enough to send me whole routine set for review and thanks to it I could give enough justice to the brand, using only Herboveda products for 2 months.

From the beginning of day I used Herboveda products on my skin to the moment I went to sleep. Thanks to it all the change I have seen in my skin can be credited to Herboveda brand. And when I say to my skin , I am not talking only about face. I will give you more idea about my this statement in product review. :*

Today I am going to review Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer.

Now let’s come to the Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer.

Key ingredients: Purified Water, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Algae Extract and some other scientific ingredients.

 Product claims: It claims to work deep and prevent water loss and dehydration, provide flexibility to skin leaving it soft and toned all day long. Antioxidant rich algae extract conditions, hydrates and detoxify the skin while replenishing natural youthful glow. Almond and Olive oil lock Natural Moisturizing Factor and give soft supple skin.

( I prefer writing same description that’s on product in Product Claims).

Product description: It is brownish white in color and smells of Cocoa butter.

Product Review:

The moment I received product I decided that I would use it on my stretch marks because of its key ingredient Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Butter is very effective when it comes to reduce stretch marks. Thanks to being mommy and many journeys of weight-loss and weight-gain, I had lots of and horrible stretch marks which were quite deep and red ones.

It is neither too runny nor too thick and doesn't leave skin greasy. Non-greasy is the best part I loved about this lotion. 

Using any moisturizer immediately after bath is easily absorbed in skin and leaves it soft and supple. So I used this product immediately after bath on my tummy area for 1 month. Also before going to bed I applied this lotion and massaged for 2-3 minutes till it was totally absorbed in skin. After regular use of this product for one month my stretch marks are visibly reduced.

The product stays up to the mark. I will surely purchase this product again and recommend this product to my readers and friends.

 Pros of Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer:
·        Soothing smell
·        Reduces stretch marks
Cons of Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer:
·         Haven’t found any.
My rating for this Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer5/5.

You can buy this Herboveda Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer at below sites.


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