Herboveda Skin Lift Anti-Wrinkle Day Creme

Ciao people. You guys must be wondering why I say people not girls because now a days boys are also much worried about their looks and skin just as girls. So they also keep visiting beauty blogs like this where they can find genuine products to use on their skin. So now onward no ladies or beautiful girls but just people. 

This time brand named Herboveda is going under knife at Storage of Mind.
Herboveda Healthcare is a brand based in Delhi focused on healthcare using totally natural products. The brand was kind enough to send me whole routine set for review and thanks to it I could give enough justice to the brand, using only Herboveda products for 2 months. From the beginning of day I used Herboveda products on my skin to the moment I went to sleep. Thanks to it all the change I have seen in my skin can be credited to Herboveda brand.
Today I am going to review Anti-Wrinkle Day Creme from Herboveda that’s made of Pomegranate and rosehip oil.

Now let’s come to the Anti-Wrinkle Day Creme.
Key ingredients: Avacado oil, Wheat germ oil, Pomegranate oil, Rosehip seed oil,Isopropyl Myristate, Di-Methicone, Ceramide, Bio-white, Vitamin E.

 Product claims: It claims to activate cells of our skin and preventing aging by deeply moisturizing the skin.

Product description: It is white in color and smells amazing and soothing.

Product Review:

 You can call me utterly lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin. It is totally impossible for me to follow the whole gaga kind of routine for my skin. But Acne Clear Pack from this brand made me curious about the other products and I stopped using any other product on my skin and started using herboveda Skin Lift Anti-Wrinkle Day crème. I applied this crème in the morning after taking shower and after that I used to go gym. This crème was totally absorbed in my skin and even though I worked out I didn’t find any greasiness on my skin. It is very light yet moisturizing and though it doesn’t claim, it has also reduced the pores on my skin and also whiteheads. My skin seems younger and lighter. I just love its soothing bit fruity smell. I would surely recommend this product to all my readers and all my friends.

Pros of Anti-Wrinkle Day Crème:
·        Ayurvedic Ingredients
·        Soothing smell
·        Prevents whiteheads and reduced pores
Cons of Anti-Wrinkle Day Crème:
·         Haven’t found any.
My rating for this Anti-Wrinkle Day Crème. 5/5.


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