Review of 'Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister'

About Author:
Tabrik C is Political enthusiast and author.
His novel ‘Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister’ is a psychic thriller fiction. Tabrik is also a perfumer and internet entrepreneur. He has a post-graduate degree in History from St. Stephens College Delhi, where he was the president of the student’s union. His special interest lies in observing, analysing, predicting and debating the rise and fall of political personalities and their influence on the destiny of nations and individuals.
Plot: 4/5
The plot revolves around Siddhartha Tagore, who is a conflicted genius, Mozart Man and prodigal personality. His journey in novel begins as a student of music and politics at Harvard University, and turns him into Prime Minister of India, who has forceful views on China and Pakistan and wishes to change politics of India. His journey from Harvard student to Prime Minister of India is full of ups and downs, like skiing on Alps. Siddhartha’s life is full of lust, mental disorder, his Rubaya, K, and a past, which chases him, till the evening of his life.
Characters: 4.5/5
Siddhartha Tagore: A Harvard graduate, who is known as Mozart Man, for his excellence in music. He is                         political leader’s son, though he is more interested in music. His fate throws him on the post of Prime Minister. He has Bipolar disease , which makes reader confuse, whether to hate him or love him? He has got many cards in his pocket, which are covered with cobwebs of his past. His past chases and is full of hatred for him.
Rubaya Jaykar: Rubaya is love of Siddhartha Tagore, whom he met in USA. Both are in true love. Rubaya is the only solacing aspect in his life.
Karisma Jaykar: Karisma is sister of Rubaya. She is also attracted towards Siddhartha.
Kabir Jaykar : Kabir Jaykar is son of Siddhartha, whom opposition party wishes to manipulate for their profit, but as clever as his father , Kabir faces them.
Rukmini Devi: Leader of Opposition party and rival of Siddhartha, accompanied by a foreigner, wishes to defeat Siddhartha.
Professor Gordon Thorbon: He is creepiest character of novel, who is having malice intentions of destroying Siddhartha as well as India.
There are also minor characters like Vikram Jaykar, Shanti Jaykar, Krish Rathore , who play minor but important roles in life of our hero.
Writing Style: 3/5
 ‘Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister’ is debut novel of Tabrik C. He is really great at plotting events, but he is little bit weak in keeping suspense, as being a reader I could easily make out the secrets. His writing style is little bit confusing, sometimes I had to read the para twice to make out things. Still the title is really enchanting as it has got deeper meanings in it. It describes his overall personality and his life. Prisoner stands for his weaknesses, like lust and Bipolar, Jailor stands for his strict decisions taken for welfare of his country and Prime minister stands for the potential and excellence of his personality.
Honestly, in the beginning, I found it not worth reading, but as pages turned, I was spell bounded, by the plot. Emotions were reflected so nicely that I laughed with the characters and cried with them as well.
Overall, It was such a nice experience to read debut novel of Tabrik C. As a book reviewer and blogger, I wish best future for literary career of Tabrik C.
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