"Burn Me Naked love my naked soul" by Vipin Behari Goyal

Vipin Behari Goyal 
Plot: 4/5
Daisy, a beautiful and talented woman whose story begins with her school life and ends her entrance in motherhood. Success is her only aim and she is able to achieve everything she desires. She is different from other girls and never allow people take her for granted. She made her career in Fashion Industry and reached to the zenith by her talent. She wanted to possess everything she loved and can do anything to remove obstacles that block her path, still she spreads positivity.

Characters: 4.5/5
Daisy: A strong feminist character, who is different from other girls, with uniqueness in her personality. Though her actions seem negative but they are exhibition of a true woman, who will never allow society to misuse her.
Shakil: Daisy’s classmate, who accompanies her in her school time’s adventures and vengeance. He proposes her, but their love affair remain just a teenage attraction as he lives to study for medical.
Samson: Daisy’s college senior in the beginning and husband later on. He carries secrets within him, which infuriate Daisy and bring change in their lives.
Tansy and Rosa: Daisy’s roommates in her college life, who prove to be true well-wishers even after completing their studies.
Zahara: Daisy’s roommate during her professional life, she seems to be a sibling at beginning, which Daisy never actually had. Later on she seems to have many cards in her pocket to shock Daisy.

Writing style: 4/5
“Burn me naked love my soul” is a novel written by Vipin Behari Goyal. This is his second novel I have come across and I have noticed one that he believes in empowerment of woman. His another work, “Maya-in search of tantric father” also presents a girl with strong will power and freedom of thoughts. In his “Burn me naked love my soul “too, he has empowered a girl in very positive way. Daisy is a girl, who has very clear point of view for her life and she has love for insects. Generally girls feel disgust whenever they see any kind of insect around them, but Daisy has very deep fantasy and love for insects. She is not like ordinary girl, she opposes every humiliation and every act of jealousy. Whoever tries to hurt her freedom, is punished by her n such a way that she never caught red handed. Her character is given very strong will power, she destroys everyone whoever tries to snatch her happiness away. Whatever it is, whether it is her trophy or her love. If she is hurt, she does not behave like typical girl. She does not start complaining God and curse her fate. She writes her fate on her own.
Daisy’s character reminds of Susanna’s character in “Susanna’s Seven Husbands” by Ruskin Bond. A movie was made from this one “Saat Khoon Maaf” by Vishal Bhardwaj. One dialogue from this movie describes Daisy perfectly.
“Bachpan me Sahib (Priyanka Chopra) jis raaste se school jati thi, wahan par ek kutta pagal ho gaya tha, to sab logo ne us raste se aana jana bandh kar diya tha, lekin Sahib usi raste se jati thi, ek din us kutte ne sahib ko kata aur dusre hi din Sahib ne us kutte ko apne papa ki gun se goli maar di.”
Like Susanna, she, too believes in destroying the reason of her pain, which may be wrong from world’s perspective but totally right from a girl’s perspective. After long time such a work came to me, it is so tempting that I could not sleep without completing it. Enjoyed each and every line of it and all the quotes which referred to the title of novel.
 My overall rating for this novel is 5/5


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