Review of 'Delhi at Dark'

About Author:
Ram Vignesh is an Indian writer. He got published at an age of twenty (20), which made him one of the youngest Indian writers. His genres ranges from romance fictions to psychological thrillers. He was born in Madurai, where he did his schooling. He moved on to do his engineering in Chennai. He is currently working for Infosys. The Book’ was his debut novel. It was published by Lead start Publishing Pvt Ltd in the year 2012. His second novel is a psychological thriller titled "Delhi at Dark", published in the year 2013 by the same publishing house. He has started writing his third novel, which will be a sports drama.
Plot: 5/5
Setting of the story is Delhi. A serial killer kidnaps women, kills them, and leaves their corpse at his next victim’s doorstep. Jay Mitra, Asra Khan and Amar Rathore, these three childhood friends work on the case with other minor characters like Tina Rathore, Janvi Mitra and Shiva. These all characters work hard to make Delhi free of this serial killer. Their hunt throws light on the dark secrets and corrupt policemen, and well planned criminal planning of the killer. Their journey revolves around three states of India, making it thrilling and it is full of shocking revelations, which brings them close to the killer.
Characters: 5/5
Jay Mithra: CID detective with Greek God personality and physique, who is defamed for his rage. He brings out his best to free Delhi from this serial killer.
Asra Khan: She is Jay Mitra’s childhood friend and CID detective. She is in the same pants as Jay.
Amar Rathore: He too, like Asra, is Jay’s childhood friend. He is investigator of the IB and works out all his intelligence to help his friends.
Janvi Mithra: She is Jay’s twin sister, who is journalist by profession and performs every task which can put the serial killer behind prison bars.
Tina Rathore: Amar Rathore’s wife, who is lawyer by profession.
Shiva: He is decipher, who helps Jay, Asra and Amar to solve different codes attached to dead bodies.
Writing Style: 5/5
‘Delhi at Dark’ is a second novel by Ram Vignesh. I must say, that he has created mind capturing work. Words seems lesser to express the feeling which I got after reading this fabulous work. I must say that I haven’t read such a great thrilling work till date. I loved the details and the depth he has got into creating a thriller, which can make reader skip all his tasks to complete the novel. I was so engrossed in the novel that, with the tension increased in novel, I too, was nervous and curious about what was coming next. Really a great work. I must say Sherlock Homes would be boring compared to ‘Delhi at Dark’. If you guys feel that I’m exaggerating than you people must read this novel. The way he has used technology and codes to create suspense, is really fantastic. Hats off Ram Vignesh for creating such a great work.


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