Trailer review of Kya Delhi Kya Lahore.

Year of 1947, proved to be the crucial one for Hindustan. Britishers played malice games and divided Hindustan in two parts, India and Pakistan. The period of partition was the fatal one as during partition many killings took place. This was the incident which created two great enemies, India and Pakistan. Many people suffered during this partition. Whoever wished to live in Pakistan, went there and others remained in India. Those who migrated in both countries, were known as refugees. India and Pakistan’s partition was a political game. It born due to hunger of power and feeling of being ignored. Political leaders got their share of fame and power, but what about the common man? Common people suffered the most and pain of leaving everything behind pierced their heart and life.
“Kya Delhi Kya Lahore” directed by Vijay Raaz and produced by Karan Arora, is a story of sufferings and feelings of two common soldiers, who have lost something in this partition. The story is written by Aseem Arora. The movie stars Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, Raj Zutshi and Vishwajeet Pradhan in the lead roles. The story’s time period is set in 1948, post-independence period, after one year of partition. This time period was a war time, where, the inner frustrations of Pakistani and Indian soldiers, came out. In this movie, we have got two soldiers, one soldier from Delhi but now living in Pakistan and one from Lahore but now living in India. A cross-fire erupted at an isolated stretch of Indo-Pak border, leaving these two soldiers alive. Their efforts of survival demolishes the story of pride and power, and starts story of humanity. From the trailer of the story we get idea that in game of power and pride, Humanity was killed. Train stuffed with dead bodies, properties looted and pain of labelled as Refugee, pierces heart. A small warm talk with enemy soldier labels another as traitor of his country. Apart from the heart touching story, movie is must see as Gulzaar sa’ab is the presenter of the story, who considers movie ‘A Must See’. Gulzaar sa’ab’s amazing poetry is also enjoyable, which makes tears roll down from our cheeks, feeling the pain of partitions. 

A must see movie as it is the First Anti War movie.

You can watch movie’s trailer here-
And Gulzaar sa’ab’s valuable remarks for the movie here-


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    I read a review on of the said movie.
    It is a good idea to write whatever you feel like writing, be it a book-review or movie-review.
    Ultimately writing is a mental catharsis.Write whatever you feellike and you are free from your that thought-cycle and available for next thought--idea.


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