Book Review of 'The Adventures Beyond Existence'

About Author:

Shreyan Laha is a B. Com final year student of Ravenshaw University, Cuttack and an alumnus of Loyola School, Jamshedpur. He believes that writing novels is the best way to communicate one’s imagination about things which were never seen or heard before. Apart from writing, Football and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are his passion.

Plot: 3/5

The plot revolves around the life of a hero, Shlok, who is heartbroken and dejected. This lad stuck in problems when mysteriously he enters into the world of spirits, Saptraj. He cannot go back unless he exterminates the existence of the satanic of King Anant and his followers from this ghostly kingdom. In Shlok’s adventures beyond existence, he is accompanied by queen of Saptraj, Roshni, who is a good spirit and wish to free all the sprites from the curse.

Writing Style: 4/5

‘The Adventures Beyond Existence’ by Shreyan Laha is the tale of a boy, Shlok, who is forced into the world of spirits, unwillingly. His entry into this kingdom of spirits marks beginning of thrilling and gripping journey. The narration style of the author is a good one. It’s a different style as an author like others does not seem interested in any conversation with readers. The narration style is similar to English writers of the modern age. Had to read some passages again to get into the part thoroughly. The best thing I liked about the work is the writer’s style at the beginning. Very few novels provide a beguiling beginning and ‘The Adventure Beyond Existence’ is one of them. The novel starts at once with full of action and thrill. It does not allow your mind to escape anywhere else. That’s the best thing about the novel. Characterization is also a good one. The character of Shlok seems common one at beginning, waiting for having a glimpse of girl in heavy rain. As the few paragraphs develop in story Shlok turns out to be a chosen one to end the sufferings of spirits of Saptraj. Roshni’s character is a dominating one and appeals reader a lot. Cover page of the novel is also perfect as it gives the reader an idea that the theme of the novel is supernatural and they will witness something beyond their own imagination. My best wishes for Shreyan’s career as a writer as I know he gonna rock.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.

Genre: Supernatural Fiction
Paperback: 191 pages 
Publisher: Rigi Publication
Language: English



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