Review of Fluffy Feathers by Diwakar Pokhriyal

About Author: 

Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has completed his engineering from NPTI, Delhi & MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Energy Management, Gurgaon. He has written 7 poetry books and been a part of 41 poetry anthologies/magazines. 

Writing Style: 3/5. 

Fluffy Feathers by Diwakar Pokhriyal is a collection of 24 short stories. Diwakar has already earned name in field of poetry and his poems are wonderful, I must say. This is the first time he has penned down his emotions in form of short story. Some of these stories are better to be titled as an essay. Some of them are good one. He has not decided particular theme for this collection. Few of them are based on social issues, on love and some are super-natural. There is a concept of sequels in novel, movies and serials. This collection is the first one as per my knowledge, in which short stories have sequels. Diwakar’s writing style is a fantastic one but his stories are kind of explanation, which bores reader at a time. I personally believe that the task of explanation should be left on part of reader as this is the task of literature. Literature is that form of Art, which is written to provide some sort of enjoyment. One who wishes to acquire meaning will acquire it on its own. Diwakar has presented his vision of society and this vision seems kind of narrative. Few of the stories like A Promise of Love, Love vs. Practicality, A Friend, A Lover’s Diary , The Sour Truth, The Mirror, Darkness of Perceptions, He was There…, Being a Girl are my favourite ones. The concept of love presented by Diwakar is a mature one and quite impressive. It touches heart. Hope to read some more great prose works from Diwakar.

 My overall rating for this work is 3/5.

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Sanmati Publishers
Language: English


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