Review of Rainbow by Aman Jassal

About Author:

 Aman Jassal, born and brought up in Patiala is engineer by profession. His interests include writing stories, blogging, travelling and bike riding. This is his debut work. 

Writing Style: 2/5

Rainbow- the Shades of Love is a debut novel of Aman Jassal. Now a days market is flooded with popular fictions based on love affairs. The theme which attracts today’s younger generation is selected by this author but slight different touch is given here as its end differs from other stereotypes. Raibow is a story of a boy named Yuvi, who is a man with very low morals and no character at all. He is a guy whom every reader will hate for his misdoings and his Casanova kind of character. He flirts with every girl, who crosses his path and sleeps with many. He stumbles upon a girl, Simran, whose love changes him  totally. As usual like other stories, Yuvi keeps cheating Simran by sleeping with other girls and the day Simran leaves him after realising the truth, he realises about his love for her. The future of Yuvi and Simran is also quite predictable, but Simran’s one decision makes it different and here I found poetic justice. Aman is a good writer, still he needs some improvement in field of writing. There are some minor grammatical mistakes, too. Cover page of novel is kind of typical ones, shouting the theme. I wish great future to Aman.

My overall rating for this work is 2/5. 

Genre: Romantic Fiction
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Teenage Publishers
Language: English


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