Go Quikrrrrrrrrrr Quikr

Quikrrrrrrrrrrr Quikr.

This is the ad is ruling television now a days. I personally believed that second hand equipment is not a trustworthy thing. I and my family always preferred buying a brand new product whatever it was. With the much use of internet there came online shopping websites and Quikr is one of them. As I said before I never preferred buying used products from strangers. It seemed a big risk of money to me to buy used products from strangers because there isn’t any assurance of the products’ quality. 

These ads from Quikr made me curious about this process of buying used products online. Though I was curious, I was afraid of experimenting hubby’s hard earned money in used product that from online website. However as always, Blogadda came as a fairy and offered me 5,000 rupees to buy something from Quikr and blog about my experience with the process, Quikr and the product I purchase. I was on cloud nine the day I received mail that I was selected to write a blog post. The moment I received the mail, I started discussing with my hubby that what we should purchase from this 5,000 on Quikr. We are newly married and my hubby had already prepared the apartment with all necessary equipment. We live in Delhi in rented apartment, so there was no scope of buying any item from handicrafts. I belong to Marwari family, who would never waste money on unnecessary things and would buy things wisely. 

As I said earlier, my house has all necessary equipment, yet we needed a cooler. We had one, but it was fitted in one room and we needed a portable cooler with wheels, which could be shifted in any room easily. So, me and my husband started looking for coolers on Quikr which would fit our budget of 5,000. Now, you guys must be thinking that winter is approaching than why this lady is buying cooler? Well, my dear readers, as I mentioned before I am Marwari. Cooler is something which is not needed right now as winter is approaching so people would sell it off at very reasonable price.

 Impressed na???? Let’s continue with my experience with Quikr. First of all I created my account at Quikr. The register process of Quikr is quite easy as mentioned on image you just need to submit our email id and few more simple info and you are a registered user of Quikr.  

 After registering I started with my search of cooler. I went to Home page than I clicked on Electronics and Appliances.

 From various categories I selected Home and Kitchen Appliances and then I narrowed down my search to Air Coolers and here I was in heaven of coolers.

 There were all types among them and I selected two of them from Symphony Company. 

Both of them were situated in Delhi. One in Sarojini nagar and another one in Delhi Cantt. I called both the sellers and the later one seemed much satisfying to me as he also had bill and 6 months warranty period, too. He also had remote control of cooler which previous one didn’t have. The price he mentioned was 6,000 but after some bargaining, he was ready to sell the cooler at 5,000. I was so overjoyed and I quickly made arrangements to get the cooler at my home. Delhi Cantt is at some distance from my house in Ghaziabad so I was having difficulty at first for the rickshaws and tempo walas were asking for too much fair so I was much disappointed and was in dilemma that what should I do now? This cooler was something I didn’t wish to let go. I was getting it at very reasonable price so I was down with disappointment. Once again my luck came to my rescue and the seller Mayank Singhal was his name, he informed that one of his neighbours were shifting to Vaishali area of Ghaziabad and that was quite near to my home in Indirapuram. I literally jumped with joy when I heard him saying so. I was receiving cooler as if I had bought it from company. It was a kindda home delivery. I agreed at once and soooo after two days confusion and discussion I had cooler at my doorstep. It was working very well and I and my family was fully satisfied with the experience.

 The seller was also happy as he had posted the ad just on 27th of October and his product was sold on 30th of October that too at very satisfying price. He, too like me was very happy with his experience with Quikr.

I just love Blogadda and Quikr for blessing me with this wonderful equipment. As I mentioned in the beginning neither I nor my family believed in buying used products online that, too from strangers. Neither my parents nor my in laws ever had experience of buying or selling on Quikr but after this experience they are so happy with Quikr that they have decided to sell some useless stuff on Quikr and also browsing through various categories in hope of getting some good deals.

I heartily thank Quikr and Blogadda for giving me this awesome experience and making my Diwali wonderful.   

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