Being mother of 20 days old baby girl, I understand it very well that how difficult it is to keep your baby’s skin soft. What our parents say and what doctors say has a huge difference in it. From the day one I have witnessed that elders asked to wrap baby in old cotton clothes and doctors wrap baby in brand new cloth. Elders refuse to use diapers and doctors put it on my darling from day one.
Being a new mom, I was damn worried about these differences of opinions for safety of my baby. But as I have experienced following elders’ advice is the best thing, I preferred to follow my mom’s advice. From this experience of 20 days , here are some tips I have gathered to keep my baby’s skin softest.

Every time your baby has its food, wipe her lips with wet cloth. It will help to keep her lips soft and pink. Not only lips but also wipe area around lips as it removes unwanted hair from your baby’s skin. Remaining milk particles, if not cleaned properly can make baby’s skin dry and can also attract insects. And that’s last thing any mother would want.

Always use softest clothes for new-born baby. If possible don’t use new clothes as however soft they feel, they gonna be harsh on your baby’s skin. If you are preparing your baby for any function then make sure to wrap your baby in soft or used baby innerwear. It will protect bay’s skin from new clothes. This tip will let your baby enjoy the function properly and if baby by enjoys then do we need to mention mommy darling?

Use Ayurvedic products for your baby’s bath and massage. Many well-known companies claim their products to be soft and harmless on baby’s skin but reality is products full of chemicals will make your baby’s skin full of rashes. Using Ayurvedic products from company like Himalaya has been best experience for my sister who is raising two toddlers at once. Himalaya’s products are made from ayurvedic ingredients and nourishes baby’s skin. Makes it bouncier and softer.

Use warm water for baby’s bath. When baby breastfeeds, it plays a lot and that ends up spilling milk on baby’s skin. Mothers properly wipe the skin but sometimes it does not help to remove germs or milk remains from baby’s skin. Using warm water will remove these remaining particles from your baby’s skin. The cleaner the skin will be, the softer it will be.

Use Malai after scrubbing baby’s skin with gram flour. Gram flour works miracle to remove fur from baby’s soft and delicate skin but use of malai after gram flour will keep baby’s skin moisturized and bouncier.

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