My Baby Softest.

Babies are blessings of God who bring happiness in our life. I am recently blessed with baby girl. She is just 21 days old but she has made our life super awesome and full of happiness. A cute little girl with delicate body and heart-catching smile. This is what I asked for from God. A little bundle of happiness.

Till her birth, I never participated in any parenting activity on any website because parenting is such an experience where you can’t write or imagine a story. But thanks to Blogadda, soon after I became mother Blogadda brought an opportunity to blog about babies and thus I have entered into parenting blogging.

Babies are so delicate and so is their skin. From the day one their skin needs too much attention. The moment you miss any delicate part of their body and your baby will have horrible and painful rashes all over their body. With a delicate angel under my care, I have acquired few tips to keep babies skin soft from day one.

1)      No to Diaper for one month baby :

I know it very well that diapers have become essential thing for new moms of modern day, where they have to visit doctors or join their work or go outside. But make it sure that you don’t use diaper for one month old baby whether it’s girl or boy. Hospital now a days tie diaper to newly born baby. Same happened with my daughter. After my mother removed diaper after one hour, her bums were as red as tomato. We soon stopped using it and strictly instructed nurses to avoid it and use homemade cloth diaper. You can surely use it afterwards but every time you change  make it sure to apply lotion and powder on soft bums of your child. It will work as protector for your child’s skin.

2)      Use bread and milk :

Don’t use soaps. Not even baby products because however mild and ayurvedic it may be. It will surely affect your baby’s skin. I use bread soaked in milk to clean her back and legs. It cleans her skin properly and leaves it soft.

3)      Use Gram flour :

Your darling child might have coat of hair all over it’s body. This hair thing differs from child to child. Luckily my daughter has hair only on her arms. Yet my malishwali prefers to scrub her whole body. My mother in law prefers to use wheat flour but she wants to use gram flour as it not only exfoliates baby’s skin but also works as natural moisturizer.

4)      Use Ghee for Malish :

Ghee can be heavy for digesting system but works as miracle for child’s soft scalp. We all know very well that scalp of a new-born is soft and it asks too much care. Malish of lightly warmed ghee with light hands can work as hardening agent for scalp of baby. It seems sticky but after bath there won’t be glimpse of stickiness on your child’s scalp.

5)      Massage two times a day :

Baby’s soft skin needs massage to enhance the blood circulation for muscles development and good skin tone. Most of people prefer massaging baby only once a day but in reality massaging it in nights will bring good and sound sleep to your baby. And if it sleeps well, you will also get good one na? (wink wink) in morning you can surely hand over your child to massage lady for massage but at nights you can use baby lotion and rub lightly on baby’s body. This will not only strengthen baby’s body and soften its skin but will also strengthen your bond with new-born child.    

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