Disano Apple Cider vinegar

This ACV from Disano Foods is my totally favourite compared to other brands. It is one of most effective and genuine ACV in market.

Apple Cide Vinegar is the new elixir of wellness and good health for me. It's getting really popular now a days due to it's beneficial qualities for our bodies. Be it our skin, hair or body it works really well.  Apple Cider Vinegar from Disano Foods is effective.
you need to be sure that it's real ACV that has Mother Vinegar.  You can check it through the foggy mixture at bottom of bottle. 
I personally use this one for over all benefit so I add 1 cap ACV in 1 glass of water and have it before lunch and dinner.

My Father-in-law uses this for sugar control. so he drinks this in similar quantity as soon as he wakes up. 

If taken regularly it also helps with Weight management. Gonna start this ACV for that purpose as well.
You can also use it in salads. It gives tangy and yum flavour. 

ADD one cup of ACV in half bucket of water and rinse your hair with this water to make them shiny. 

By diluting ACV with water you can use it on skin as well. It helps to remove acnes and blemishes.
Before applying on skin I recommend you to do a patch test. 

You can buy it from below link.


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