Oats and Dates porridge with Disano Oats

Oats got their roots in Europe but due to it's beneficial qualities for every age group of people it travelled whole world. In India we got different flavours of Oats but my favourite is plain basic oats cause I can make it my way. In a way that my daughter finds them yummy and can benefit from Oats'  beneficial properties. 
I have been using oats from Disano for a while now.This oats are really good. they are whole compared to other brands.  They cook real quick and full of benefits and goodness. 
Recently cooked Oats and Dates porridge for my daughter who's a fussy eater. This recipe is real good for kids.

For this recipe you need- 
1 cup Disano Oats.
3 cup milk
5-6 seedless Dates 
4 tablespoons jaggery or sugar
10-20 almonds.

Method - 
First of all soak almonds in hot water and peel them. Add them in jar with Dates and blend them. keep this puree aside.

Roast oats till you get nutty aroma. 

Add Milk and stir the mixture properly. after a boil add jaggery or sugar and the Dates- Almonds purée. 

let it boil for 2-3 minutes. 

Oats and  Dates porridge is ready. 
 Surely gonna try more recipes with this oats. 


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