"Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind"

My encounter with smelly kind is about one of my cousins. It happened last January. It was as usual chilling winter. We all were travelling to Rajkot for my cousin sister’s wedding. We were twenty people in two cars. We were singing songs and enjoying a lot. We had divided elders and youngsters in two cars, all youngsters were in one car, but one of our cousin was in elder’s car. We stopped at one dhaba as everyone was damn tired due to continuous journey, so everyone was in mood of having some rest and garmagaram desi khana. We enjoyed our food and buttermilk, twisted bodies and legs. Again all of us boarded on the car, this time our remaining cousin also got in our car. Cars started, suddenly a stinking smell blocked our nose. We all started wondering, what’s this smell. None of us farted, no industrial area was passing by, than what was the smell? We opened windows, though chilling air was killing us, still the smell was not disappearing. We closed the windows and sprayed deo, but smell of deo and stinking mixed and it created unbearable smell. I called my Mummy, and asked her, “Mummy, we wish to stop the car as our car is stinking a lot. We wish to have some fresh air.” Mummy said,” Dear, you will not be able to supress that smell till we reach our destination.” I exclaimed,” Why Mummy? Do you know something about this smell? Why are you saying so?” Mummy said,” its Gitesh, who is stinking.” I exclaimed,” What?” Mummy said,” yes, due to severe cold Gitesh is not taking bath, as he was stinking, we sent him to your car by the way you tell driver to stop the car so that you can have some fresh air, but do not think of transferring him in our car.” I glanced at Gitesh, after cutting the call. He was fast asleep. An Idea sparkled in my mind. I murmured my plan to all cousins, they all agreed at once.   We asked the driver to stop the car to nearest hotel. Both the cars stopped at nearest hotel, we all got down.  We all cousins met manager and asked him to prepare a tub of bearable hot water. After bribing him, we got water. Gitesh was unaware of all this mischiefs, he was engrossed in his pizza. All of us carried the tub and emptied the water on his head, and carried him, till bath tub full of bubbles and ordered him to take proper bath or else we will make him sit on car roof. Gitesh unwillingly took bath and once again we all settled in car and continued our journey as usual, leaving that stinking smell behind. https://www.facebook.com/racoldthermoltd


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