Review of A Long Journey

“A Long Journey” by Pawankumar Pandey is a novella, which revolves around the disaster of Kedarnath floods. It starts with description of the main character, whose main intention is trading, not a pilgrimage. With the progress in novel, disaster occurs and it continues with its aftereffects. Though author has tried his best, he lacks at some juncture in novel, He does not seem concentrating on one theme of the novel, which seems little bit disappointing. Title does not justify the theme of novel, as the characters do not seem to have any lesson learnt from their life, as apart from one or two crisis of their life they seem to be accepting life as it is. Theme also keeps changing, as writer has not concentrated on one particular theme, he could make it perfect by expanding the characters and theme more vividly. He seemed to finish it as soon as possible. As soon as the reader starts feeling the character’s pain, the novella ends. The basic concept of novella is not fulfilled here as there isn’t any kind of development in characters and emotions. Pawankumar has tried his best and in future he may produce more prolific works.


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