Review- A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land

After long time, I got my hands on something which made just say ‘wow’. “A Newlywed’s adventures in Married Land” by Shweta Ganesh Kumar is really a wonderful novel,’ A must read for every couple who are already married or in a queue.’ Really pleasing work, this work will seem an autobiography to every girl as this novel presents the experiences of newly married couple, especially wife’s experiences. As its title suggests, title is based on one famous fairy tale. It is a strange reality that most of the fairy tales contains life’s deeper meaning in them, which we understand just after growing up. The name of chapters are really eye catching , in the beginning of every chapter there is description of a famous fairy tale which has essence of the chapter as well as condition of Mythili in that chapter.
Mythili, a crime reporter, has transferred from Bangalore to Manila, Philippines after her marriage with Siddharth. The whole novel is about her experiences about getting adjusted in new life, new atmosphere. Her experiences of being jobless, try to interact with totally different housewives. Mythili in each and every line presents condition and emotions of newly married girl. Both Siddharth and Mythili marries after long distance relationship, still, in some situations both of them thinks over their decision. Each and every incident of this novel can be transformed into article. Shweta is really wonderful at describing a girl’s world after she has changed in to woman. The crisis of losing one’s identity is reflected through Mythili’s words,” Dependent-the word echoed in her ears. After being a fairly successful reporter who broke crime stories of the goriest kind for a newspaper that thrived on being number one in breaking stories, she was now just a dependent.”  These words of Mythili seems core of every married girl’s life. Apart from these all the other characters of the stories presents the realities of social life where everyone has disguised in order to cheat society. Fake smiles, praise and fake relationships and fake celebrations to present a false pomp to society. Author has not revealed names of minor characters, but has used names which presents a unique characteristic of that character like Fakeena, Mother Hen and so on. It is a common trait of human’s life. We name each and other with any uniqueness of that person. The inner conflict of Mythili shows the realty that every love marriage suffers through because both of them expect the other to be the same as they were before marriage.

Overall a wonderful experience to read such a nice work.


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