Review of ' Just Who Am I'

About Author:

K. Geethanjali is a lady performing many roles. A home maker, writer, mother, High school English Teacher, a perfect blend of all these roles. She has contributed her stories to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and has also published a book of short stories for children entitled ‘ The Enchanted Land’. 

Writing Style: 3/5

 ‘Just Who Am I and other stories’ is a wonderful children’s book. The language of the stories is quite simple and enchanting. Pictures along with stories make it attractive. There are four stories in this book.

  1. Just Who Am I- Cute and little Neel, a kitten is confused about his identity that who he is? The very nature of cats is presented through Neel and it is possessiveness. Neel’s possessiveness for Nani and its house increases more when she brings a small brown pup. This story teaches children to mingle with others.                                                                                                         
  2. A Halo for Sparkles- This story teaches children to help others without expectation of benefit. If you do something good then Good will follow you and good work without any intentions of benefit makes one warm and happy. An angel, Sparkles, wishes to gift God but she does not have Halo like other angels. Her journey to Earth leads her to Halo, but it is not an easy one.      
  3. Lily of the Valley- The feeling of helping others is presented here same as the previous story. Rather than preserving your valuables, you should use it to help someone, who needs it the most. This act of selfless help will provide immense happiness and eternal fame.                         
  4. Payal and the Mithaiwala- An Angel, Payal with weak wings wishes to join other angels in different games, but no one plays with her as she has weak wings. To make her happy her mother brings some children and Mithaiwala from Gaia to play with her. This Mithaiwala and children became reason of Payal’s strong wings.        
My overall rating for this work is 3/5.

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Paperback: 78 pages 
Publisher: LifePositive Publications
Language: English



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