Review of 'The Mahabharata Secret'

About Author:

Christopher C Doyle studied at IIM Calcutta. He has written articles on management and business for several publications but his collaboration with Jules Verne, HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, JRR Tolkein, and Robert Jordan since his childhood made him dive into world of literature and so he gifted world with ‘The Mahabharata Secret’, which is his debut novel.

Plot: 5/5 

The plot revolves around history of ancient India, including Mahabharata and Ashoka the Great, which has connection with present India. With murder of retired nuclear scientist, his nephew’s life gets into whirlwind with the three emails he receives from his dying uncle. Mahabharata has something, which can destroy present world. What’s that SOMETHING? What were the three emails? Why Nephew’s life is turned into whirlwind?

Characters: 5/5

Vijay Singh: Our hero, who is US returned handsome hunk, who is caught in web of enigmas and obscurities, created by three emails of his deceased uncle.

Vikram Singh: A retired nuclear scientist, who is murdered for some secrets he was keeping to save Humanity and world. He does his best to acknowledge his nephew about the secrets before dying.

Colin: He is friend of Vijay Singh, who accompanies him in all his adventures, which may be life-risking.

White: He is the one, who has idea about the secrets, which led to death of Vikram Singh. This guy has many cards in his pocket.

Farooq: He is a wolf in sheepskin. While reading novel, you would feel like punching him hard.

Bheemsingh: A Politician cum Businessman. The word Politician gives negative feeling, na? You may be wrong or may be right?

Imran Kidwai: May be addition of Additional Director of Intelligence Bureau will raise your eyebrows. He plays very important role along with hint that this secret includes whole world’s safety.

There are also minor characters like other relatives of Shukla, Radha, who play minor but important roles in life of our protagonist.

Writing Style: 5/5

 ‘The Mahabharata Secret’ is really awesome book, which makes sure about fabulous future of Christopher’s writing profession. We have a notion that if an MBA from IIM will write any novel then it will be full of love affairs, Sutta, Bears and making out incidents or job struggles ending up in banks. Here is the author, who breaks all the notions and choses a topic which dates back to Mahabharata. Mahabharata is well-known for the myths and secrets, it carries. Christopher is picking up such a secret and is successful in gripping the attention of reader. I could not take a break while reading it. I felt like if I’ll put it down then I’ll miss something. It is like, you are watching fully action-packed movie and one break will make you miss a lot. I wanted novel to continue, really wished that there will not be any end of this awesome work. His writing style has that touch, for which reader spends one’s valuable money. I request the author to create more works like this.  
My overall rating for this work is 5/5.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Paperback: 382 pages 
Publisher: Om Books International
Language: English



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