Reviw of "Ramayana-The Game of Life : Rise of The Sun Prince”

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About Author
Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law. His speeches in seminars are mostly on themes like 'Soul Curry to Stop Worry', 'Work-Life Balance'. He helps others to apply techniques of Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana to deal with modern day situations.
The plot of the novel revolves around epic Ramayana. The novel is part of a series based on Ramayana. This book deals with the details about Ayodhya and Dashratha as well as birth of Rama. This book ends with Dasharatha's decision to establish Rama as his heir.
Writing Style-
Ramayana-The Game of Life : Rise of The Sun Prince, the title itself gives idea about theme and content of the book. As per its title suggests, the book is part if series based on Indian epic Ramayana. An old epic, with touch of new era and language seems like dish modified. I personally believe it to be a tough task to present something which is already known to people. While doing this task one must make the creation so different and appealing that people love to read the re-creation of the work. I must say that Shubha Vilas has done this work marvellously. This part deals with the Bal kanda of Ramayana. I feel that this book is good for children as the language is catchy yet simple, but I suggest the same book for grown ups too, as most of us never read the epic. This book will help them a lot to get details about the earlier life of Dashratha and more details about Ayodhya. This work also throws light on earlier life of Sage Vishvamitra. Details about life of Vishvamitra is the part of book , I liked the most. The book ends with Dashratha's plans of appointing Ram as king of Ayodhya. Nice factor about the book is references given on the same page. These references can be much helpful for those who are not much aware of the symbolism used in literature. The cover page of novel is quite awesome. However some incidents in novel differ from the Ramayana shown and described in tv serials and other versions of Ramayana. First one is about Rama and Sita's meeting. Second one is about story of Ahalya space a little known stone maiden character sketch of Ahalya seemed little bit realistic or one can say that kind of feministic touch is provided to her. At first it seems hurting but from femenistic point of view, all doubts evaporate in air. It is said that our holy scriptures and epics have all the answers of human's questions. They teach human to behave in some manner. Author's point of view goes with this theory and that's why he has presented this series of six books. His writing style is quite effective. A good read for today's generation.
My rating for this work is 3/5.
Pages- 252
Publisher- Jaico Books
Genre- Fictional
Language- English.


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