“Obstinacy- The Dauntless Chase”

About Authoress
Dhishna Radhay, In her debut work makes the reader take notice of her. She has been secondary school teacher. She is currently an Executive Assistant in a prestigious firm. Apart from this work she has been working on short story collection.
The plot of the novel revolves around life of a strong willed woman, who has fought with all the negative forces in her life whether inner or outer. She is damn happy in her life at present fighting her inner turmoils but everything scatters one day with arrival of her past.
1. Cléopâtre- Beautiful and strong willed lady who accepts life as it comes and loves to sacrifice her own happiness for her loved ones.
2. Steve-Cléopâtrehe's son, who is the source of happiness and will to live life.
3. Stevie- A guy who makes Cléopâtre's life full of love and brings disaster at the same.
There are some more characters like Benoit, Clara, and Cleo's parents who play important role in novel.
Writing Style
The moment I started reading it, Cléopâtre, a strong willed lady caught my heart. Authoress has done wonderful task of presenting the cruel games of fate. Cleo, a beautiful girl with all good qualities marries a brutal person, whom she loved. This guy as usual turns out to be a worst one and they get separated. Much discussion of storyline may be injurious for readers' excitement. Yet some of the events of Cleo's life made me question the theory of Poetic Justice. A wonderful narration of Cleo's life made my heart gloomy. Authoress has amazing skill of story telling. I felt my heart going away with Cleo. Character of Cleo is inspirational as she has suffered much in her life and like a true woman she has fought all battles. There are very few characters which dwell in your mind after reading any novel and Cleo is one of those character. The cover page of novel is very symbolic as it presents the very picture of Cleo's life. A lady standing lonely on ruins represents Cleo's life. Hope to read more awesome works by the authoress.


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