"The Princess In Black"

About Authors
Upendra Dharmadhikari who spent eleven years in a corporate mechanical culture, turned to art of story telling , following his childhood love for history and comics.
Changali Anand has written animated film and TV serial scripts, ads and themed newsletters for lifestyle and entertainment.
Plot 1.5/5
The plot of the novel revolves around the mystery behind object no. 27 and Taj Mahal. This mysteries involve Saima, Professor Shastri ,best men from Indian Intelligence and Major Salim Khan , an undercover ISI operative.
Characters- 2/5
1. Professor Shastri- As his name suggests, he is professor. History is his area of interest and profession. His extreme knowledge of history makes him a leader on this mission.
2. Saima- She is a lady with mystery revolving around her, who is attracted towards Professor during this quest.
3. Major Khan- An undercover agent of ISI, who is full of ambitions of him and like all other typical Pakistani militants , he has passion to free Kashmir from India.
4. Major Rathore- A brave heart major with tragic past is a perfect combination of intelligence and patience.
5. Captain Veer- A short-tempered Captain , who balances his professional and personal life perfectly.
There are some more characters like Narayan's father and grandfather who play important role in novel.
Writing Style 1.5/5
The cover page of novel is quite attractive and so is it's blurb. However novel turns out to be disappointing as it proceeds. It is quite easy for the reader to know the mystery related to Saima. Professor's character is appealing one along with Major Rathore and Captain Veer. Some of the points in novel have dead ends. One of them is what was there in cover which Major Khan was supposed to handover to Dr. Sharma? Authors have tried to create a havoc by including Bomb blasts, historical mystery and Pakistani undercover agent roaming freely in India. They fail as none of the topics were given enough justice. It seems in end as if they are in hurry to complete the novel. Major Khan's own intentions attached with the discoveries seem futile and not making any sense. He is already having the power and influence which he wishes to get. It is a one time read.
My rating for the work is 2/5.
Genre- Historical Fiction
Publication- Srishti Publishers Distributors
Pages- 204
Language- English


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