Climbing on the Bus. #SoundOfLove


Ahaaaa!!!! Love is in the air as its February. 

Month of days and love. Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day and many more…..

Then comes the day like Cherry on icing.

Valentine Day.

The moment we speak this words, red heart shaped balloons, cards, red clothing, candle light dinners, Teddies, Roses and if someone is actually serious then there might be diamonds rings, too start floating in sky of our imagination.

Love is the essence of life and it has many definitions. The number of definitions will be there as per the number of human beings on this earth. Yes, my dear reader, every human being has its own concept and aura of love and so goes their expressions of love.

From the word ‘Expressions’ I remembered that the way person’s personality goes the same way its expression of love goes, na?

I am extrovert and garrulous by nature. You, too would agree that however extrovert the girl is she would become little bit introvert when it comes to expression of love and especially when the case is of arranged marriage.

Mine is the case of love-cum-arranged marriage. I and my hubby had spent good time of 4 months before being betrothed. Okay!! Don’t widen your eyes. It’s wide time span when you belong to traditional family. We used to chat for hours with my mummy on my side. Yeah, I know it’s really hawww! But it was reality in my case. Due to this fact I could not open up with my hubby the way I should.

With Almihty’s and our parents’ grace we got married.

We went Andaman Nicobaar for our honeymoon. It was taking me time to be extrovert in front of Ayush (aww! My hubby). He was not able to get the emotion proper so on 2nd day of our honeymoon ( aww! Yes Honeymoon), while we were travelling to  port to reach Havlock island, he suddenly asked me, “Sonal, tum mujhse door door kyun bhag rahi ho? You love me , na?” I was dumbstruck and didn’t reply anything and managed a smile and loving reply with puppy voice,” Arrey! Esa kuch bhi nahi hai. Tum bhi na?” He was little bit convinced and smiled back. My mind started giving devilish ideas to me for expressing my love for Ayush. One of them was giving him a long smooooooooch on the crowded bus. Somehow my heart convinced my mind not to do so. Many more entered in my mind and evaporated. Then something struck to my mind. We were travelling in mini bus. We were about to reach the port. Idea had entered my mind and mind had convinced heart to do it. As soon as bus stopped I excused Ayush and went on backside of bus. Driver was standing near tea stall and I had this golden chance. Ayush was looking confusingly at me. Before he could sense anything, I climbed on the bus’s roof and with all my strength and love I shouted,” Ayush!!!!! I love you.” Everyone present on port started looking at me. I again shouted,” Ayush! I love you. I really thank God that he sent you in my life. I will love you till the last breath.” By the time I finished my words, my and Ayush’s eyes were full of tears of joy and love. The crowd applauded with joy and laughter.

While I’m writing this my whole body has got goose bumps. With the excitement and love I felt that day. It may seem strange or crazy to someone but I know one thing that that day I and Ayush had promised each other of love.

That was the last day, Ayush asked me if I loved him or not… as now he is afraid that if I can climb on bus in Andaman then I can climb on Metro in Delhi. 

“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.  


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