My Valentine: Asus Zenfone.

February is month of love, pampering, care and togetherness. Love is in the air!!!! On streets, in gift shops, colleges, restaurants and whole globe. Everywhere heart shaped balloons, soft toys, cakes and red roses are flowing.

It is true that lovers do not need one single day to celebrate their love or togetherness but on this loving day whole world floats in aura of love that gives Love a special feeling. Lovers starts planning for this day before month or so. Those who are already committed or who wish to be committed start daydreaming about this day.

Okay!!!! This whole stuff is about those who are struck by Cupid, but have you imagined condition of those who are single? They must have the same feelings but no one to share with. Few of them keep sighing by witnessing couples enjoying this day and few are there who buy gifts and roses for themselves. Who love themselves but they also need someone to share this happiness.

Asus has come to their rescue and launched awesome Zenfone with whom anyone would fall in love at first sight. Can you actually believe that a smartphone can make you fall in love?

But yeah, I have already fallen in love with this handset and would surely blackmail my hubby emotionally to have this one. My new love. Thanks to for bringing this opportunity to fall in love with Asus Zenfone and have a date with it. 

Here are my five reasons why I would love to have Asus Zenfone as my ideal date.

It’s stylish look-

It’s every girl’s dream to have tall, dark and handsome guy, who makes everyone feel jealous of her for having this much awesome guy as her valentine.
Well, well. Here I am sure you would feel jealous when I will show off my valentine , that is Asus Zenfone. Yeah, it has features of a perfect date yaar. With 5 inch display he is tall, with dark shades to choose from he is dark, and with awesome built and look he is handsome.

It’s  Camera-

Every girl loves to get her pictures clicked. One who can make her feel beautiful, one with who can be as she is. Someone to click her #justawaken selfie, #havingfood selfie #readyforcollege/work selfie and the list goes on.

With this awesome valentine with 2 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera of mine I would get my selfies clicked as many times as I liked. Without annoying anyone. The way I want them. Crazy ones, seductive ones, charming ones and many more.

It’s Storage capacity-

Every girl has a lot to share. Her emotions, feelings and many secrets. She needs someone with whom she can have her space and don’t feel vulnerable that the secrets and emotions shared with him would cause her any harm.

With options of 8 GB and 16 GB to select from, Asus Zenfone becomes one of the greatest storage guy to share my secrets with. It has expandable memory option to which can confine my emotions and secrets till 64 GB.

Power Saving Feature-

This is the thing every girl needs in her valentine and it is who stays with her in times of needs. Who does not leave her in moments of hardships or when she needs someone the most. 

With unique feature of Intel Atom Processor it has power-efficient antenna design which helps in long battery life. It has 2500 mAh battery which doesn’t harass you while you are travelling. Being a girl and travelling alone, where you don’t have charging facility, it is must for you to have battery that lasts longer and Asus Zenfone has this feature, too.

It’s Connectivity

Every girl needs someone who provides her freedom and power to connect with world on her own.
Asus Zenfone is the same one as it is Wi-Fi enabled which allows you to connect with Wi-Fis around you so you can get connected to world at instant and Bluetooth v4.0 which allows you to share your data at your desire and competence.  

So, here are my five reasons which would make you, too wish that you could have Asus Zenfone as your date.

Now, I must stop here as something’s burning around me. Oops!!! It’s hubby who is feeling jealous for Asus Zenfone. 

* All the pics used here are taken from Flipkart.


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