Five things on my bucket list. #BefikarUmarBhar

Life is unpredictable. No one knows what lies in casket of future. Man plans something and God presents him with something else. God has given many attachments and anxieties in his life which stops him from enjoying life at fullest. Many responsibilities drags man from liveliness to rigidness.
I, too being a daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, sister-in-law and mommy in future sometimes really wish to be free from the world and do as I wish. Without worries of what’s there in future. I have my own bucket-list, in which I have mentioned all those tasks I wish to do in my life without worrying about my future. But with all the responsibilities clad upon shoulders I think maybe need to wait for a while.

But Thanks to, today I would be able to present to you guys my list of 5 to-dos of my life. The things I wish to do. The places I love to visit. 

Here is my list of what would I do, if I was #BefikarUmarBhar

1)      Visit Tutankhamen’s Tomb :

The mystery attached with Egyptian king Tutankhamen’s tomb is world famous. When the Egyptologists entered the tomb and read the scriptures written on it.
It said,

” They who enter this sacred tomb shall swift be visited by wings of death.”

Mysteriously or as the study claims, each and every person who was involved in this mystery died one by one. Being an avid lover and having keen interest in pyramid, this mystery attracts me the most and so I would love to visit this tomb If I don’t have worries of future.

2)      Running of the Bulls :

I know you guys would remember ‘Zindgi na Milegi dobara’ and yup, I got the inspiration from there. I would love to participate in this event which is held in Spain’s Pamplona. Just imagine, you are running ahead and on your back there is herd of Bulls. All of them wild and free. What thrill it would provide yaar. Surely, Kind of kick.

3)      Explore the unexplored Sea :

There is data on internet, sources which say that only 10% of the sea is explored yet and in that unexplored sea lies mysteries and many dangers. It would be really a great thing to explore this unexplored.
What say! We might discover any ship with gold chests. I have heard that government provides half of the treasure to finder. So, who gonna join me?

4)      Visit Ruins of Bhangarh :

How about visiting some haunting place? Yes, supernatural powers are the one, which attracts each and every person on this earth. When we are discussing this list then Bhangarh’s ruins tops the list. The scary ruins with witchcraft stories attached to it. It must have some logic in it because even Archaeological Department of India has placed the boards that entry in Bhangarh ruins is forbidden after sunset.
Seems Spooky na?

5)      Enjoying Chocolates :

Seems childish na? But you can understand this thing if you see it from prospective of Raho Befikar Umarbhar. No worries of cavities in teeth, Diabetes, Obesity. You can enjoy as many chocolates as you wish.

 Aww! Just imagine enjoying Chocolate in breakfast, in lunch and dinner. Just wow!

So, here is my list of the 5 things I would do, if I had no worries of Future.


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