Review of 'Decoding Life' by Vikas Singal

About Author: 

Vikas Singhal is the Co-Founder of Ribbun Software Pvt Ltd. He is a mechanical Engineer working in a software company. He has been writing various short stories since 2010. His first eBook was published in 2014 and it was a huge success. 

Writing Style: 4/5 

‘Decoding Life’ is a short story collection by Vikas Singal. There are ten short stories in it which are woven around our daily life. They are simple yet affective in language. You would be able to relate many of the stories in some incidents of your life. 

Like the girl of ‘The Taxi Driver’, many of us feel unsafe while travelling in autos or taxies during late nights and yes the story is eye opener in certain way but yeah, for knowing it you must read it.
People started following particular person’s beliefs and thoughts in ancient times. With passing of time these people formed in groups and these various groups are known as Religions. Religions divided people and are deeply rooted in minds of people that everything is divided in name of religions. Same is in case of Love and here is what the second story ‘A Rain Kissed Tuesday’ says to us.

K.N.Laxman’ is a story which perfectly depicts our mentality. If someone is being very nice to us then we start thinking that there must be some hidden benefit of the person I doing so. 

Glad That We Met’ will bring the feeling of Déjà vu to those who are in arranged marriage.

’Switch it On’, ‘The Mistake’, ‘Two States’, ‘That Shy Boy’, ‘The Train’, ‘That Mystery Girl’  are also the stories with same gist. Wonderful stories taken from life around us. Many of you would have feeling of Déjà vu, while enjoying them.

Wish to read more works from Vikas Singal in future.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5. 

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 74 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Language: English


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