Magical Wands

Thanks to pollution of Delhi, my skin had lost its charm and glow. I tried each and every new cream which covered my television. Result was nowhere to be seen. Sometimes my devilish mind thought about suing those fake companies which always claimed to make you beautiful overnight. Due to high chemicals in the creams, my skin had become more dull and full of blemishes. Every day I had to apply loads of make up to cover the blemishes and dark spots which covered my skin. I was so tired as I knew that it will damage my skin more. My mummy tried to advise me with some ayurvedic tips to get the glow and shine of my skin back. But like every modern day girl I never listened to her. After damaging my skin too much with these chemicals, my senses got back to me and I called my mummy to help me out.  Finally, my mummy came to my rescue and handed over me few tips to rejuvenate my skin. 

Being a good-hearted girl, I would love to share these few tips with you and help you out of skin chaos. 

So, here goes my first tip.

Take some Multani Mitti and add fresh tomato pulp and juice of beetroot in it. Make paste and apply it on your face and hands, too if they are sun-tanned. Let it dry and as soon as it dries completely. Take it off with cotton pad or soft cotton cloth. It is advisable to remain silent while you have applied this face pack as Multani mitti gets harder and movement of muscles of skin will bring wrinkles. Yes, yes girls I know that it is tough for us to remain silent but skin is more important na. 

Here comes second tip.

Take some bread and make paste of it by adding milk in to it. It’s a best scrub to remove those stubborn blackheads and dirt off your face. This tip can be performed better in bathroom as scrubbing skin with it can be little bit messy but it surely gonna make your skin shine and blemish free.  

Here comes third tip.

Mix some gram flour and some malaai into it and make fine paste. Apply it on your skin and as soon as it dries little bit, rub it with your fingertips and you will clearly see besan particles cladded with dirt. You can use the same paste to purify your whole body and trust me girls regular use of this paste will make your skin shine and glow like goddess of beauty.

After going through all the tips you must be amazed that all these items are easily available in your kitchen and you don’t need to spend extra bucks to clarify your skin. And yes, you can establish me as your beauty consultant after using these tips.   


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