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People say that change is necessary in life as it brings freshness out of the boring routine we always follow. Well, my dear hubby took this saying little bit more seriously and decided to shift to Pune from Delhi. Well well, yes, I too love Pune rather than Delhi due to its atmosphere, culture, food and people. We shifted from Delhi to Pune and got busy in shifting and settling down. Our house in Delhi had very good furniture and compared to it flat of Pune had very lesser furniture. Arranging the luggage and household items was becoming very difficult for me, though my in-laws were there. I didn’t have much task on my side but being an emotional person I was missing Delhi as my sister also lived there. Living in Delhi gave me feeling as if I was in my hometown, though its atmosphere never suited me. My house in Delhi and my little darling niece were giving me hard times in Pune. Hubby was also busy in his new office. He would come home but he, too was engrossed in various legal tasks for vehicle and tenants. It seemed so harsh to hammer him with my mood swings and diasporic atyachaar. He felt so tired that after having food he would soon go to sleep. Even weekends would go in this kind of havoc of settling down. 

Thanks to my in-laws, both of us had really great relief yet legal tasks needed my hubby and so I was not liking this change. I needed some freshness in our life. Freshness in this mayhem of shifting. Next day was Sunday and so it was already declared that he would be at home for full day. At morning I woke up early then regular weekends. I prepared breakfast and tea for all and woke them up. After we all completed household tasks, I started movie of Allu Arjun, Arya 2. I heard that he is very good dancer and this one was very good movie of him and few songs included his best moves. Everyone enjoyed movie and then we decided to have nap. But my hubby had something in store for me. I loved dancing but he was not much good at dancing. As soon as we entered our room, he turned on Anushka Manchanda’s “Dum Maaro Dum” and started imitating Arjun’s steps. It was damn cheering as he was trying to please me. He was trying to make me smile and cheer up my mood. I thought he didn’t noticed my off mood. But my dear hubby had already thought how to make me smile. Both of us started dancing and cheering together on Anushka’s songs and imitated Arjun’s steps to make atmosphere more cheering. 

Enjoy the video where  my hubby's inspiration had got shelter.

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