Review of Life & Promises by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg

About Authors:

Pulkit Gupta is CA, CS and Law student by profession and writer by passion. He is the owner of publishing house, Gargi Publishers. He is also compiler of ‘Moonlit Matinee’ and ‘Crumpled Voices’ and has also contributed in ‘Moonlit Matinee’ and ‘You, Me ‘N’ Zindagi’.

Ila Garg is an avid reader, writer, poetess, editor and blogger. She loves to draw sketch and has contributed in several short story anthologies. 

Storyline: 3/5.

‘Life & Promises’ is a story of a boy named Rachit who aspires to be an IITan but life and circumstances pushes him towards CA. There he meets his love Radhika, a beautiful and sweet Bengali girl. Like all love stories their love story has also ups and downs with its own uniqueness. There is also a character named Khushi, who has her own role to perform in Rachit’s life. 

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Being a blogger and book reviewer, I have read many love stories and contemporary literature (If we call it so…) is flooding with genre of love. But I have noticed a fact that each and every love story has its own unique touch and it makes the love story a special one for writer as well as reader.
‘Life & Promises’ by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg is also a love story but it is not flooded with any love scenes, emotional scenes or dramas but sketch of human reality. How a person ignores the one they love the most. It is said that love brings pain and In case of Rachit and Radhika the saying seems true. Both of them are deeply and truly in love but fate has got its own cards to play with. Rachit wished to be an IITan but health issues forced him to pursue CA and there he falls in love with Radhika, who wants him to be a good performer in CA. Rachit tries his best to keep balance between his love life and professional life. One needs to read story to know whether he fails or wins in keeping balance.
The issue I loved in this story was the struggle both the lovers faced. Long distance, professional lives and pressure to keep your loved one happy. It’s not an easy task to handle everything single handed and calmly. Both the lovers must have trust and capacity to face hardships they have in the relationship. Sometimes one ignores loved ones in order to get success but when they reach at the highest summit they realise that in order to gain something they have lost everything.
The storyline is really a good one but somewhat already written. Writing style is the soul of any novel and this novel has its soul and it makes the novel alive. The curiosity to know Rachit’s future will stop you from putting down the book before completing it. Khushi’s character will also raise many questions and hopes in your mind but her character is better if kept secret in this review. The poems and sketch in between the novel are quite amazing and it makes the story lively.   
My overall rating for this work is 3.5/5. 

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 165 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Language: English



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