My Allu and Anu

I have just shifted to Pune from Delhi. Let me tell you guys. Shifting is really a horrible thing and that too when your hubby is full day busy in his new office handling extra work load. Though my in laws were with me, it was so tiring task to rearrange the things. With limited appliances around us, we were trying to get the comfort of home till the transportwala shift our luggage. At nights when hubby would return from office I used to tell him how tiring and boring it was then my hubby suggested that the task would be enjoyable if I turn on some music. Next day I implemented the idea and turned on few of my favourite tracks. That included few from Anushka Manchanda’s hits. Atmosphere itself turned into concert and the task full of boredom became enjoyable for me as soon as the music filled room. Anushka made her debut through band called Viva and as band split up, she made her own path and made herself famous in Telugu and Tamil as well as Hindi industry, where she has earned good name.

 Now let’s get back to my story. As soon as I arranged my bedroom , I came to main hall where my father-in-law had turned television on. He was browsing through channels and stopped at movie named “Arya ki Prem-Pratigya”. There was a song going on at that time ‘main hoon pari pari’. I loved that song as hero was dancing very well and moves were awesome as if he was made of rubber. His dancing style impressed me so much that I noticed the name of movie and googled it. Hero’s name was Allu Arjun. I was damn interested in his dancing style and I searched on youtube and found that he is very good actor as well as dancer. I browsed through his movies. I was little bit disappointed as there wasn’t a single song where Arjun had performed and Anushka had given her voice. I am damn sure the day they come together on stage it gonna be biggest hit. Till then we can just imagine them coming together. Now let me get back to my work of arranging house as I wish to complete it fast so I can also try some of Arjun’s steps. Am also thinking for a dubsmash where I would try Anushka’s songs and post it on facebook. Till then you can enjoy Arjun’s stage performance here, where he would mesmerise you as Michael Jackson.

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