Review of The Shivaputra Chronicles-Tripurantaka by Vikrant R Utekar

About Author:
Hailing from city of dreams Mumbai, Vikrant Utekar has done his MBA in financial Planning. To make his dream come alive he left his stable job and ‘The Shivaputra Chronicles’ came in existence.  

Storyline: 2/5.
‘The Shivaputra Chronicles’s first book Tripurantaka is a book based on mythology and it connects modern world with Gods and Goddesses. Chandrashekhar Kashyap believed to be Shiva’s son is on mission of saving world and with him are other friends of him who have same power. This book focuses on Chandrashekhar’s meeting with his love Shakti and destruction of Tripurantaka.

Writing Style: 1.5/5
Now a days mythology has become a hot cake topic for everyone. If not love then it will be mythology. Vikrant, too has chosen the same theme and has tried his best to give contemporary touch to mythology. Daksha, Vishnu, Shiva and their partners are brought to life and they are turned into handsome, well-built guys. But as the title suggests the story of novel mainly focuses on Shiva’s son and that is Chandrashekhar, the modern incarnation of Shiva. The first half of story goes in Shiva’s courtship with Shakti and later half goes in destruction of Tripurantaka. Novel is based on famous story of destruction of Tripura by Shiva.

The subject taken by writer is a good one. When the book came in my hands, I expected something really good from the book. Its cover page is also an attractive one but the work itself fails to satisfy reader’s expectations. Trust me, with many awesome works available in market for readers of mythology, Vikrant must enhance his writing style. He must keep his work interesting and a clutching one. Hope his future works carry that gripping power.
My overall rating for this work is 2/5. 

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 99 pages
Publisher: Quills Ink
Language: English



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