Book Review of 'Travelling Light- Walking the Path of Letting Go’

About Author:

Suman Varughese is the editor of Life Positive magazine, India’s premier body-mind-spirit magazine. A veteran journalist with 30 years of experience, she was formerly editor of the popular lifestyle magazine, Society.

Writing Style: 4/5

‘Travelling Light- Walking the Path of Letting Go’ is compilation of Columns from Life Positive magazine. Wonderful collection of columns which reflects on the spiritual side of human life. The cover of the book is awesome and peaceful as its contents and appropriate to it's title. These columns are divided in three parts.

  1. Self.
  2. Reflections.
  3. Society.
  1. Self-
This part deals with writer’s reflections upon one’s inner self. It’s good to get sometime for yourself in busy life of present and this particular part is perfect to do so. While rushing with time to compete with world and technology, human sometimes wonders at being lonely, on the truth of self and his true identity. Every person who meets us, creates our unique identity according to the situations in which we meet them. Questions keep hovering human’s mind and this process of reflecting, is similar for every human and these wonderful columns gonna satisfy some of the illusions regarding Self.

  1. Reflections-
If you guys planning to dive into some spiritual stuff then this part is most recommended for you. Spiritual intimacy will lead human to true happiness, above all the miseries and pain. Spirituality can be found in our day today life, we just need to stop and wonder upon things.

  1. Society-
This third part brings us face to face with society, which become high influence on human’s deeds and personality.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.



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