Mornings are Pleasently Black.

From the very first day of my journey with Blogadda, I enjoyed each and every activity with Blogadda. Book review activity had been my main concern but gradually awesome activities of Blogadda attracted me to blog about products, too. Recently, Blogadda came with an awesome activity, which gave me feeling of treasure hunt kind of game. In this activity, First, I had to write about five black things, which I wish to had. Secondly on being selected, I received some wonderful and never expected things. Honestly speaking, I thought, I will be receiving some sort of goodies, though the things I received were totally different, it increased my curiosity for the actual product. Here goes the images of the Blacks I received.

Even you guys must be guessing that what can be the product? It is quite easy for one to guess that all these blacks are related to morning so it must have something to do with the things we do in mornings. Next came the thought to me that these all things are related to kind of freshness in their own unique way.

Egg- one can prepare awesome breakfast from it to freshen up your tired nerves and stomach.

Black Newspaper- to freshen up yourself as well as your mind with happenings around the world.

Black Tissue paper and Black paper cup- Black Tissue paper can be used to wipe away the oil that gathers during night on your skin as well as clean your mouth after having awesome tea, coffee or refreshing face wash.

The mystery continued playing in my mind and finally when I received the product, my heart was thumping loudly that what it would be, I opened the box and here it was. While opening the box, a rhyme played in my mind.

Boxy Boxy?
Yes Blogger.
Carrying surprise?
Yes Blogger.
My guesses right?
Yes Blogger.
Reveal product,
Ha ha ha.

Colgate’s Slimsoft Charcoal brush. The only thing which one can never avoid as it seems as if you have not woken up, if you do not brush your teeth. I was really elated to see this wonderful brush. Its bristles are so soft and like another brushes it does not hurt the muscles. Here are some key features of this awesome brush.

Micro Slim-Tip Bristles: Reach deeper between  teeth & along the gum-line

                                       Charcoal Infused Bristles: Remove Plaque Bacteria

I really feel great to be part of Blogadda as it brings awesome activities and very innovative way to present the product.  


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