Review of Cafe Latte- Eighteen Unusual Stories

About Author:

Amit Shankar, author of three bestselling novels: Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter 11 & Love is Vodka- A Shot Ain’t Enough, has now presented wonderful collection of eighteen awesome stories in ‘Café Latte’.

Writing Style: 5/5

 ‘Café Latte’ is a collection of eighteen unusual stories woven around our daily life. Different from the stereotype stories describing teenage love or idiotic stuff, which seems difficult to digest. ‘Café Latte’ comes a s a gush of fresh wind for those who are fade up with fictional yet non fictional biographies of IITans or Management students. Life bearing characters of Café Latte’s stories belong to different status, occupation and different mentality. The themes of the stories to vary from story to story. No single genre is focused here and that’s the most wonderful fact about this collection. It seemed to me like a Gujarati Thali, which contains all the taste in one single platter. The feature which attracts me the most is vulgarity of language is nowhere to be seen. No unnecessary description of love making scenes, which makes it really a best work. Guys, if you start these stories reading once, you won’t be able to put down the book until you have finished it. The moment I started reading it, I was traveling to Chandigarh around 11:30. Once I started reading it, I could not distract myself to anything else. I could not sleep a blink as the stories and characters had totally engulfed me. I loved each and every story from deep of my heart. Each and every story has such an effective touch that will leave you affected for a long time. I read it first time on 15th August and till this date I read it again and again as I feel kind of connection with the stories. This collection is not a popular fiction but piece of literature.   
My overall rating for this work is 5/5.

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Paperback: 193 pages 
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing
Language: English



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