Review of The Agony of Love

About Author:

Neilay Khasnabish, in his early twenties, is a B Tech and works at a Government Research Lab. His Scientific and creative writings were published in several magazines. The Agony of Love is his debut novel. He is working on his second novel based on backdrop of Kaziranga.

Plot: 3/5 

The plot revolves around life of a Bengali boy, who falls in love with a Bengali girl. In India, Lovers can be successful if they have same religion and same caste, in most of the cases. Both the characters belong to same religion and caste. Come from same status and education, their families are not rivals in any way, yet they face problems in their love life. Wanna know why? Then I recommend you this wonderful novel.

Characters: 3/5

Srijan Ghose: Protagonist of the novel, who is well educated, who follows his heart and falls in love with very beautiful girl. For loving this girl, he is kidnapped by goons and tortured to death of self-esteem.

Priyam Majmudar: A beautiful girl with self-respect, who is clear in her thoughts about love and life. She is a girl, who inspires Srijan to fight all the hurdles in their path of love.

Mr. Chaterjee: He is author by profession who teaches some foolish lessons to Srijan about writing poetry.

There are also minor characters like other relatives of Rahul, Bijan, Rekha, who play minor but important roles in life of our protagonist.

Writing Style: 3/5
 ‘The Agony of Love’ is a good work. Somehow this work seems filled of unnecessary description of womanhood and its different stages. At those particular lines I felt like I was reading a biology book or psychological book, discussing woman’s condition at menopause. A boy’s knowledge on this issues is quite amazing but the intention behind discussing these all things is nothing but lust. Apart from it novel presents us the reality of life that sometimes overpowered elder sibling wishes to use their younger sibling for their benefits. Little bit different from the typical type of love stories. It ,too has a rona dhona  section yet it does not fill the reader with boredom. Villians are there but as the mysterious movies do, jo dikhta he wo hota nahi. Good work from a debut author. Wish to read more good works from the author.

My overall rating for this work is 3/5.

Genre: Fiction Romance
Paperback: 175 pages 
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Language: English



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