Book Review of 'Elixir for Zylake'

About Author:

Jamuna Rangachari is a software professional and writer. Her main interests include positive values, spiritualty and holistic living. Her work includes ‘One’, ‘The Magic Liquid’ and many of her stories and articles have been published in Chicken Soup series, New woman, Wedding vows and Times of India.

Plot: 5/5 

Elixir for Zylake’ is wonderfully written children fiction novel.  An Alien Grasus from planet named Zylake comes to earth to get magical liquid which can save their planet from attack of a dark, stinking mass sent by Traxon, their enemy planet. A memorable bond takes place on Earth between Grasus and Raju, a human. Will Grasus be able to save his planet? 

Characters: 5/5

Grasus: An Alien orphan child, who turns out to be a chosen one to save his planet from attack of enemy planet, Traxon. 
Rorix: The chief wizard of Zylake, who has knowledge of all the events and have magical powers. He prepares Grasus for his journey towards Earth.

Raju: Raju is a human child on Earth, who helps Grasus to find the magical liquid, which can save Grasus’ planet.

There are also minor characters like Xombo, Shanti and Hero a Dog, who play minor but important roles in life of our hero.

Writing Style: 5/5

   ‘Elixir for Zylake’ is a children fiction novel. It describes journey of an alien from his planet Zylake to Earth. Grasus is the hero of novel and is sent to earth to find magical liquid, which can save them from attack of their enemy planet, Traxon. The story continues with remarkable friendship of alien child Grasus and human child Raju and their efforts to find the magical liquid. Writer has done brilliant task by creating such a work. Book is very nice and children will surely love it. Not only children but grownups, too will enjoy it as this novel reminded me of my childhood stories I read. Everyone likes to dive in childhood and ‘Elixir for Zylake’ will be a swimming pool if childhood for them. A flow is perfectly maintained by writer in novel and some pictures are also their in novel, which will be loved by children as it gives more idea about storyline. A perfect book for children as it contains moral values and teaches them in such a way that they would love to learn these moral values of life through this novel.

My overall rating for this work is 5/5.


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