Review of 'Confessions of an MBA and Other Stories'.

About Author:

Vinod Kaul , multi-dimensional personality has completed his education from St. Stephen’s College and IIM. Confessions of an MBA is his debut work.

Writing Style: 3/5

 ‘Confessions of an MBA and Other Stories’ is collection of 8 short stories. Writing style is a good one but stories gave kind of a negative approach towards life and society. It is true that these stories depicts the reality of society and human life and heart, still the reading of stories turned my gloomy mood on. Literature is all about inspiring human life and society. Life and Literature follow each other and humans take inspiration from both according to situations. These stories did not provide any kind of hope according to my perception. Two of them grabbed my attention. The Rotund Man and Running through Heaven and Hell. Some stories also present the feeling of Diaspora, and the roots are found in Vinod Kaul’s origin. His feeling of Diaspora is presented well. Here is the meticulous description of stories one by one.

  1. Confessions of an MBA-
In this story writer presents the myth of the limelight attached with degree of MBA and situation during recession period. I like one element of the story and it is India’s strength during recession period.

  1. City lights-
Two couples totally strangers and from different cities, stumble upon each other twice in their life and yet they are connected to each other. How?

  1. Freedom at Noon-
Story of a guy, who is not happy with his surroundings as well as cannot settle down his mind at one job.

  1. The Reconciliation-
Typical Indian mentality of Indian mothers is presented here through character of Mrs. Raina.

  1. The Final Goodbye-
A story, with theme of Diaspora, touched my heart.

  1. The Doorway-
Story narrating the craze of Indians to study or work in abroad, leaving loved ones behind and sacrificing their happiness.

  1. The Rotund Man-
Story of that one annoying neighbour, which we all have in our real life. The neighbour whom we have beaten and slapped many times in our mind, but never dared to so.

  1. Running Through Heaven and Hell-
A wonderful story. Don’t wish to write much details as it will ruin the very theme. Yet, it is a story of God, who goes on vacations and has an assistant who wears micro minis purchased from Hell.

My overall rating for this work is 3/5.

Genre: Reality Fiction
Paperback: 188 pages 
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Language: English



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