Pimple is not at all Simple

Each and every girl has an enemy and that enemy is PIMPLE. It is said that Pimple on faces announces the arrival of youth in girls and boys. I never felt so as I was God gifted child. I had oily skin yet I never had pimples. I found myself damn lucky as I never had to apply stale spit, multani mitti or any other dadima ke nuskhe to remove those kale dhabbe from my skin. I never had to read the articles which helped to remove pimples or never dreaded from looking at mirror. I could eat as many Gol-gappas I wish to have and as much spicy food as I wish. My friends felt jealous of me as I never did anything to save my skin from pimples. My oily skin also could not attract these monsters. 

However this happiness was struck by calamity on one horrible day. It was my sister’s marriage and for that I got facial and bleach done on my face. God knows what exactly happens but after few days my skin was full of pimples. I was out of my mind and would again and again look at my face which was now full of pimples. I could not believe my eyes. My mummy was also dumbstruck as my skin was considered to be the most beautiful skin and these pimples had ruined everything. I just don’t know what caused these monsters but they were destroying my skin and my confidence. From that day journey started. Journey of avoiding spicy food, my life- Gol-gappas, applying Multani mitti, neem pack and visits to doctors. I could understand now the pain and agony of the girls whose beauty was ruined by pimples. I tried variety of lotions and face washes but nothing worked and these monsters kept showing themselves on my skin. 

My mummy was more worried as my sister got married and now it was my turn to join her in list of wedded girls. She was cursing God again and again for ruining my beautiful skin at that phase of life when I needed it the most. One day I was just changing channels and I saw an advertisement. Advertisement of Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. It was a new one. Till that date I had tried many lotions and face washes so I decided to give it a try and so I purchased the face wash as soon as it reached to my nearby market and used it. I really thank God that I saw that ad on that day as Garnier Pure Active Neem worked like a magic wand for me and in a month my skin was again beautiful and devoid of pimples. 

I really believe that face is the mirror of person’s image so one needs to keep it clear of all the blemishes and pimples. Thanks Garnier Pure Active Neem to help me in achieving this beautiful face of mine.


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