Review of "Nirbhaya & others who DARED" by Kusum Choppra

About Author: 

Kusum Choppra with various experiences from life and the world around her has rich background for writing from women’s viewpoints; picking out grains of truth to tell stories that set aside patriarchal inculcation, for a female perspective. She has two novels published before this one. Beyond Diamond Rings and Mastani.

Writing Style: 4/5

“Nirbhaya & others who DARED” is a collection of 22 stories based on various strata of society. Few of them are Thakuraains and few of them are peasants. Few of them are simple housewives and few of them working women. These women represent stories of the entire woman gender. Trodden and humiliated by world, this gender has suffered from the very day of her creation and it has continued till date. The form of injustice and suffering continues in many way. Rape, adultery, infanticide, dowry, human trafficking, forced into prostitution and many more to pen down. These 22 stories are the mirror of the society in true way as you will be able to bring out the memories of the same characters around you. One of the stories affected me so deeply that I had a dream at night as if I was passing through same kind of ordeal. Kusum’s writing style reminded me of absurd dramas where characters lost in their own thoughts speak them out. All of the stories are quite touching and the best fact I found in these stories is the spirit of fighting against all injustices and humiliations. All of them reminded me of a quote by Voltaire “Injustice in the end produces independence.” In each story every woman faces injustice in various forms but at the end they rebel and achieve the life they wish to have.

Wish to read more great works from Kusum.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.

Genre: Fiction

Paperback: 284 pages

Publisher: Vitasta Publishing pvt ltd

Language: English


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