Review of Love is Vodka- A Shot Ain't Enough by Amit Shankar

About Author: 
 Amit Shankar, An avid music buff and a great exponent of guitar, a coffee lover, a great reader, great author and many more adjectives to join in. He has presented society with four gems Flight of the Hilsa, Chapter Eleven, Love is a Vodka-a shot ain’t Enough, and Café Latte. 

Writing Style: 4/5 

What is love? This is the universal question as person from every religion, country, and caste and if we remember alien from PK then aliens, too must have faced this question in their lifetime at least once. Here we have one more addition and it’s Moon aka ‘Mon Ami’. A normal girl whom we would find buried in her gadgets, sipping coffee at Barista or CCD or flaunting the brands she possess. Moon, too at one juncture in novel seems of the same clique. As the novel begins, Moon is shown in a clinic for abortion. There isn’t a slightest hint about the father of the child in this chapter. As the story ensues, more information about Moon’s life and her dilemmas is provided to reader. She is love-child, daughter of very powerful journalist woman and French Diplomat man. Like every girl she craves for affection and love from her mother. However Moon is not able to get it from her busy and powerful mom and the father, who left for France after seeding her mother with their momentary attraction. However he loves his daughter and now and then sends her token of love. Moon like other teenagers is rebellious and full of confusion towards the feeling known as Love. Moon during her life presented in novel experiences love four times. First comes Utkarsh, then comes Ashwin Sinha the D who is boyfriend of her mother. Yup dear reader Moon falls for him. Before that she fantasized about a guy named Aditya her office mate but this guy has package of surprise for readers. So better to leave it as a mystery box. Nikhil is Moon’s online friend and at last comes Gautam, who invokes feeling of true love in Moon. At last after having many shots of Vodka or say Love she finds the elixir of life. What is love? How many time we have fallen in love? Don’t we claim it’s true, though it’s our fifth time? Many of us have thought once in our life about this claim. The claim our heart makes every time but none of us can assure that our first love was a true one or the one with whom we tied the knots for lifetime. Amit has voiced this confusion of human beings in his third title ‘Love is Vodka- A Shot Ain’t Enough’. As its title suggests Love, too is like a Vodka. One shot won’t be enough of it. The language of novel is awesome. Amit knows very well how to rule reader’s heart. I have already read three of his titles including this one and he has been added to my list of ‘all-time favourite reads’. I love the fact about his characters. He never creates a villain or hero. Neither a vamp nor heroine. Each and every character created by him is a normal human being with its own vices and values. His male character may be handsome, dashing and powerful yet docile when calamity strikes. 

My overall rating for this work is 4/5. 

 Genre: Fiction 
Paperback: 203 pages 
Publisher: Vitasta Publishing pvt ltd 
 Language: English


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