Review of Scarred for Life, Healed Forever by Ahwati Menon

About author:

Ashwati Menon, a native of Kerala, brought up in Gujarat did MCA and her passion for pouring her emotions in written form got her published in Drenched souls-Moonlit Matinee 2. ‘Scarred for Life, Healed Forever’ is her first novel.

Writing Style:3.5/5

Ashwati Menon is an emerging star in literary world. She already made critics take her note through her short story in Drenched souls-Moonlit Matinee 2. ‘Scarred for Life, Healed Forever’ is her first novel and as a reviewer, as a reader I must say she has achieved what she wanted. There are very few works which can absorb my attention totally and this one made to that list. I put aside all of my tasks and continued to read the novel. I completed it in one sitting and I must say Ashwati has got awesome future in this field. 

‘Scarred for Life, Healed Forever’ is story of a girl Nishtha Vaidya, who is next door girl living in Ahmedabad. She seems quite normal girl, if you meet her in a restaurant or on a road, walking by her, you won’t be able to predict anything about her. She seems quite a blessed child of God. With loving parents, caring elder brother and grand job due to her tremendous educational qualification, she seems the luckiest person on this earth. However, it is said that God has always balanced everyone’s life by giving each and everyone their share of luck and bad luck. Nishtha has also faced this wrath of God in her life and blessed or better to say cursed with some special powers. She gets selected for Foreign Student Exchange Program and goes to Australia. She is enjoying life with few friends like Paulina, Andrew and Jordan, where their ill-fate strikes them and they face Tsunami. Like a miracle, Nishtha is the only Indian to survive. Tsunami snatches away Paulina, Andrew and Jordan. This fact affects her the most and her mind power which was already active gets hyper active and she develops some powers. She has the power of visions. She can forecast upcoming events and can save people.

What this powers of influencing and forecasting will do to Nishtha?

Will she get the ultimate happiness in her life?

Novel is really a good one, at some points it seems loosening its grip but at next moment it again clutches the reader. Some points could be more clarifying and entertaining. Few characters could be given extra light, yet novel is a good read.

My overall rating for this work is 3.5/5

Genre: Fiction
Paperback: 126 pages
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Language: English


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