Review of Kumbhpur Rising

About Author: Mayur Didolkar has been writing fiction since the age 14. This is his first published work. He works as an Investment Advisor in Pune. 

Writing Style: 3.5/5.

“Kumbhpur Rising” by Mayur Didolkar is work of fiction and this is the work which can left you in such a horror that you won’t be able to switch off the lights at night. It happened with me. I was not able to gather courage to get glass of water from kitchen. Okay, okay, I admit that I am already a coward girl but trust me dear reader, ‘Kumbhpur Rising’ has the gut to raise fear any brave heart reader. At first in beginning I found it bit befuddling with too many characters and thought the novel to be tedious. But as soon as the story shifted in Kumbhpur, I was all set to join characters in this horrifying journey of revenge and bloodshed, fight with undead people. From the cover page of novel I thought of any historical fiction due to its title ‘Kumbhpur Rising” but my whole assumption went upside down when I dived in the novel. Mayur’s narration style is really awesome. I, could see myself wandering in the jungle and on the beach with other characters. Was literally shuddered with bloodshed and could feel the same pressure building up within me as I continued the novel. The novel is divided into three books Happy Days, Kumbhpur Rising, Heart Attack County. The division of novel in three parts is really a helping one for reader as one does not get confused with place shifting in single scene. It also gives a proper glance in past life of all the characters as well as background of the story.

 The novel is really wonderful but one or two points remained unexplained. However it’s the characteristic of this genre, to leave reader with some unexplainable sockets.

My overall rating for this work is 3.5/5.


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